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Los Angeles Lawyer Magazine
"The Fiduciary Duties of Real Estate Agents"
February, 2007
Los Angeles Daily Journal
"Sellers Might Need to Inform Buyer of Next-Door Problems"
August 5, 2005
"Disclosure Duty Extends to Commercial Transactions"
August 13, 1998
"Broker’s Duty to Inspect is Still Evolving"
June 26, 1998
"Disclosure Standards Are Steadily Evolving"
June 16, 1997
California Lawyer Magazine
"Expert Advice:
Disclosure Obligations For Sellers and Brokers"
October, 1997
L.A. County Real Property Journal
"A Practical and Legal Guide to Auctions"
October, 1993
Articles Published in "California Daily Commerce"
"Going, Going, Gone -- A Discussion of Real Estate Auctions"
July, 1991
Amicus Briefs
"Auclair vs. American Savings and Loan Association, Court of Appeals, Sixth District
September, 1988"

Issue: What is the extent and duration of the owner-occupancy protections afforded by California Civil Code Section 2954.9?

"Fair Housing for Children Coalition vs. Apartment Association, U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit
October, 1987"

Issue: Shall advice a trade association gives to its members fall within the privileged communications protections under California and federal law?

"Long vs. Coast Savings and Loan
U.S. Central District Court
August, 1985"

Issue: May a lender prevent the assumption of a note and concurrently assess a prepayment Penalty?

Articles Published in "California Real Estate Magazine"
"Remedies Available for Rent Skimming
May, 1989
"Contract Related Provisions May Cause Confusion"
July, 1988
"What to Do About Abandoned Property"
January, 1988
"Questions and Answers on the New Transfer Disclosure Statement Law"
November, 1987
"Contract Interpretation: Back-Up Offer Case
April, 1987
"Security Deposits: A New Owner’s Responsibility"
April, 1986
"Selling a Mobilehome: Rules and Regulations"
September, 1985
California Department of Real Estate Courses Taught as a Master Instructor
"Your Guide to a Binding Contract, Arbitration, Business Law, Labor Law Issues, Bankruptcy Made Simple, Workouts: Business and Real Estate, and Foreclosure Solutions"
Courses Authored for The Department Of Real Estate
"A Licensee’s Guide to the Transfer Disclosure Statement -- Everything You need to Disclose When You Sell Real Property"
June, 1989
Department of Real Estate Approved Courses
"The Essentials of the New California Association of Realtors’ Deposit Receipt 2002"
     - Published by a major California Title Company -
"The Transfer Disclosure Statement: Your Duties As An Agent
     - Published by the California Association of Realtors -

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