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bullet.gif (188 bytes) Broker liability cases
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Realtor standard of care
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Agency obligations
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Real estate malpractice
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Disclosure obligations
bullet.gif (188 bytes) DRE compliance audits
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Breach of contract
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Boundary & zoning matters
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Loan brokerage compliance
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Transactional issues
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Escrow & disputes
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Homeowner Association litigation
bullet.gif (188 bytes) "Short sales" transactions
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Arbitration
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Mediation
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Foreclosures
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Wrongful Foreclosures
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Unlawful Foreclosures
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Invalid Foreclosures
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Foreclosure Title Disputes
bullet.gif (188 bytes) Quiet Title Issues

Specializing In

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  • Real Estate Licensee Duties
  • Disclosure Issues – Buyer/Seller
  • Mortgage Brokerage Law
  • Standards of Care
  • Agency Obligations
  • Real Estate Malpractice
  • Residential & Commercial Transactions
  • Foreclosures
  • Wrongful Foreclosures
  • Unlawful Foreclosures
  • Invalid Foreclosures
  • Foreclosure Title Disputes
  • Quiet Title Issues
"Real estate transactions get more and more complex, tricky, with significant legal consequences resulting from action or inaction" [American Bar Association.]  The need for competent experts able to act effectively on your behalf has never been greater.

Compare Alan D. Wallace with the competition:

General Counsel for two of the largest real estate companies in the nation.
I have supervised and analyzed litigation, arbitration, and mediation matters pertaining to real estate transactions and disputes, thus I have a first-hand appreciation for economical litigation.

Designated Broker to one of Southern California's largest realty companies.
I have had direct legal and practical responsibility for supervising the licensed activities of 1500 realtors and brokers, involved in and supervised over 7500 real estate transactions hence, my knowledge of  the real estate industry is extensive.

I possess extensive hands-on experience in the business, practical and legal aspects of real estate which many other expert witnesses and litigation consultants lack.

Supervising Senior Counsel to the California Association of Realtors (CAR).
When members of  the largest trade association in the United States wanted legal advice, brokerage advice, standard of care advice and advice on the custom and practice of the industry, they turned to Alan D. Wallace for advice on matters ranging from commission disputes to standards of care.

Master Instructor and Publications Author for the California Association of Realtors Department of Real Estate Approved Courses.
As an adjunct professor of law, State Bar of California Annual Meeting panelist, speaker at Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) seminars, and one of the highest-rated instructors for the California Association of Realtors of Department of Real Estate Approved Courses, I am recognized as a prominent leader in my field.

Count on me to stay on top of changing trends in real estate and expert witness work. Your colleagues do!

"Mr. Wallace is an astute analyst of laws and duties in the real estate transactions/arena. He has saved Kennedy-Wilson extensive exposure on litigation costs through his knowledgeable experience and advice."
—William R. Stevenson, Vice-Chairman,Kennedy-Wilson, Inc.

Expertise is one skill. The ability to communicate one's expertise effectively is another.
As a professor and professional communicator, I am well-practiced in the art of presenting complex information simply.

Rapport is equally essential. I know how to create it and keep it flowing. Ask any one of my students, most of whom are working adults.

I have served as an expert and consultant in hundreds of real estate matters. I look forward to serving you and your clients effectively and with professional integrity.
back. Wallace, Esq.

Alan D. Wallace, Esq.
Attorney at Law
14011 Ventura Blvd. Suite 406
Sherman Oaks, California 91423

Tel: (818) 501-0133  Fax: (818) 905-6091

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